Annual Report 2020


2020 saw the launch of ImmUniverse, an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) funded project gathering 26 consortium partners looking into improving diagnostic and therapeutic options for patients living with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, including atopic eczema and ulcerative colitis. The project will end in 2024.

Patient organisations are increasingly crucial partners at the forefront of developing research and policy. For ImmUniverse, EFA’s participation ensures a patient-centric approach guides the research project. Together with the European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations (EFCCA), we established a Patient Input Platform (PIP) composed of 15 patients with atopic dermatitis and ulcerative colitis from 11 European countries, including members from EFA’s Atopic Eczema Working Group.

EFA is also member of the Communication Committee of ImmUniverse and supported the development of communication materials for the project. Patient organisation-led communication strategies ensure the production of patient-friendly materials.