Annual Report 2020


EFA thanks our expert volunteer patients and Members who unstintingly contribute through EFA’s advocacy or as volunteers to make Europe a place where allergy, asthma and COPD patients live uncompromised lives, have the right and access to best quality care, participate in their care and to have a safe environment.

Sincere thanks to the EFA Office and special farewell to Giuseppe de Carlo, EFA Director of Operations, and Maximilian Kunisch, EFA’s Communications and Policy Officer, who left EFA in 2019.

EFA thanks sincerely our sustainable funding partners who have made our work possible.

EFA thanks the work of the many organisations that embrace our mission and mission and that collaborate with us on a daily basis to defend the interests of allergy, asthma and COPD patients in Europe.

  • Susanna 743x1024

    Mikaela Odemyr

  • Susanna 743x1024

    Erna Botjes

  • Susanna 743x1024

    Carla Jones

  • Susanna 743x1024

    Marcia Podesta

    Secretary of the Board
  • Susanna 743x1024

    Susanna Palkonen

    EFA Director
  • Isabel 723x1024

    Isabel Proaño Gómez

    Director of Policy and Communications
  • EFA Fundraising Manager Antje Fink Wagner OK

    Antje-Henriette Fink-Wagner

    Director of Corporate Relations
  • Akis

    Panagiotis Chaslaridis

    Policy Advisor
  • Sofia 654x1024

    Sofia Romagosa

    Projects and Engagement Officer
  • Max Kunisch

    Valeria Ramiconi

    Programme Manager
  • Max Kunisch

    Eleanor Morrissey

    Communications and Policy Officer


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