In 2021, EFA welcomed three new members to our vast network of national patient associations. The AGM voted to approve full EFA membership for Breath Together (Respiriamo Insieme), Italy. The organisation aims to support patients suffering from asthma, severe asthma and allergy, as well as family members and caregivers. They help their community through awareness-raising campaigns, bureaucratic, administrative and legal support throughout hospitalisation, and through their innovative project programme. 

37 respiriamo

The AGM also welcomed Living with Allergy Association (Alerji ile Yasam Dernegi), Turkey as a Full Member. Established in 2016, they seek to raise awareness about common allergies while addressing their negative impacts on the health and daily lives of children. The association has already reached 40,000 families with allergic children and counting. 

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Institute Atopika (Zavod Atopika), Slovenia was also approved as a Trial Member. They offer education based on the latest scientific discoveries, counselling both in-person and through social media, and support to patients with atopic dermatitis and their families. In addition to alleviating the symptoms of the illness, Institute Atopika is also committed to improving the quality of life of patients through socialisation, connection and cooperation.

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EFA is now pleased to represent 42 national patient associations across 25 European countries.

In 2021, EFA held 15 meetings with the EFA working groups: Allergy and Asthma, COPD, Atopic Eczema, Food Allergy, Prevention and Patient Education Working Groups. Among these were workshops on unmet needs in respiratory health, allergy care and digital health.

EFA working groups played a critical role in maintaining network communication, building advocacy strategies and receiving feedback on EFA project deliverables including reports, policy recommendations, and more.