In March, we finished the CURE project, which studied the use of bacteriophage (virus), also known as phage therapy, to address imbalances in the respiratory microbiome contributing to the disease. CURE partners have worked to predict with accuracy and repeatability the microbiological, immunological, and clinical effects of adding several types of phages to the respiratory microbiome and design appropriate intervention of phages as “medical tools”..

The results of CURE can help deliver personalised treatment to asthma patients to better manage their care and lead to a cure for asthma. To present them, EFA organised a full day virtual CURE Final Conference “Towards a CURE for Asthma: Accelerating Innovation in Personalised Medicine and Phage Therapies” on 15th March, with the aim of informing the public on the advances in the research, facilitating policy discussion on the regulatory framework for the use of phage therapy in the European Union. Over 16 speakers were invited to speak at the conference, including researchers and patients representatives as well as MEP Tilly Metz and European Medicines Agency’s representative, Eric Pelfrene.  Over 280 people from all over the Europe registered and sessions were followed by 60 people on average.

In 2022, EFA continuously fed the project website and its social media channels with project updates and achievements reaching 407 followers on Twitter and 383 connections on LinkedIn. We also promoted and translated a webinar series and the annual newsletters. EFA’s translation of project ground-breaking activities and results into lay language made CURE more accessible to the general public. 

“The CURE project has done a great job bringing together experts in the field of phage and phage therapy to tackle asthma. I ask the same community to come together and help us gain public support to build similar regulatory system models that work well, like the one in Belgium, to help patients get the treatment they need now.”
Dr. Sabrina Green, Director of Research and Development at TAILOR service center

CURE: diagnosis and treatment for Atopic Eczema

Consortium: 9 partners

  • 6 Countries: Greece, Georgia, Belgium, Polonia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, …
  • Research institutes and Universities: 5
  • Patients associations: 1
  • Other: 1

Funded by EU Horizon Programme No 767015

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Conference materials: Available on YouTube