In September, EFA joined the “Combining Artificial Intelligence and smart sensing TOward better management and improved quality of LIFE in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)” (TOLIFE) project. Through this EU Horizon funded project, we are aiming at developing a clinically validated Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based platform to predict COPD exacerbations. The resulting technology will allow optimisation of personalised treatment, evaluation of health outcomes, and it will improve patients’ quality of life.

A group of 130 patients will be followed for 12 months in the period September 2025-March 2027 with the set of smart sensors, including smartwatches, smartphones, smart-beds and smart shoes. Thanks to the data collected, the software will help the clinicians in the prediction of the exacerbations and assessment of health outcomes. This will support the decision-making process for a precise and optimised management of COPD.

Within the project, EFA is responsible of setting and managing a Patient Advisory Group (PAG) that will work to ensure TOLIFE operates with a patient-centric approach, addressing patients’ needs in an accessible way. EFA will facilitate the discussion between the research partners and the PAG, who will advise project partners on ethics, research protocols, acceptability and feasibility of sensors and the development of patient self-management tools.

TOLIFE: AI applied to COPD

Consortium: 12 partners

Countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium

Research with a Patient Advisory Group (PAG) of 10 individuals

Funded by EU Horizon Programme No 101057103

Started September 2022 until 2027 – 54 months

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