Although it is useful and nice to see and to speak to everybody in person, it is very convenient to have the AGM online!
EFA Member

On 31st March 2022, EFA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in an online format. The AGM was followed by two membership sessions.

During the business session, the AGM approved EFA’s 2021 Annual Report and accounts, adopted the 2022 Workplan and budget as well as a motion from the EFA Board to end coalition membership to EFA. Coalition membership allowed EFA Members from the same country to apply under a unique membership coalition, granting them a unique vote.

EFA welcomed three member organisations: the Icelandic Lung Association, COPD Patients’ Society of Turkey and the Slovak Association of Allergic and Asthmatic Patients as full members. Their integration brought EFA membership to 45 national member associations across 26 European countries.

After the AGM, EFA led two brainstorming sessions to facilitate a re-imagining of what EFA membership brings at European and national levels. EFA was delighted with the level of attendance (23) and engagement from Members and looks forward to presenting a summary evaluation of the exercises as part of the hybrid Member Re-Union in Iceland.