2022 was very special for EFA’s Youth Parliament as they gathered in person for the first time since the setup of the group in 2020. The meeting was organized next to the European Parliament Interest Group event on the NCD initiative, where the youth parliament brought clear messages on their allergy and asthma unmet needs as patients, and how the EU NCD initiative could address them. Through their interventions and questions, they voiced clear priorities to support young patients in policymaking.

They also provided input to EFA’s responses on the EU General Pharmaceutical Legislation and the EU NCD initiative and expanded their skills through an EFA Capacity Building project training.

In 2022 there was the aim to expand the membership of the Youth Parliament to allow for greater geographical and disease representation. Through a recruitment campaign that centred on the members and their experiences, the Youth Parliament expanded by five new members as well as new followers across their social networks.

European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament in 2022
12 members
8 countries
8 online meetings
1 in-person training with 13 participants