In 2022, EFA was thrilled to start a SynAir-G, a project aiming to improve understanding of the main sources and interactions of chemical and biological indoor air pollutants in schools, to develop user- and environmentally friendly solutions and interventions to help vulnerable populations.

EFA leads the communication and dissemination activities of SinAir-G and contributes to the drafting and dissemination of policy guidelines for EU action on indoor air quality. EFA also partners in the IDEAL Cluster, which regroups all the projects funded for Indoor Air Quality, and where EFA leads the translation of science into policy and practice, particularly around indoor air quality research.

In 2022, EFA participated in the consortium meeting in Athens (Greece) and created the visual identity of the project, launched the website, set up the social media channels and developed stakeholder mapping.

IDEAL Cluster meeting SYNAIRG

IDEAL Cluster first meeting was held in Athens in October 2022

SynAir-G: Disrupting Noxious Synergies of Indoor Air Pollutants and their Impact in Childhood Health and Wellbeing, using Advanced Intelligent Multisensing and Green Interventions

Consortium: 18 Partners + 3 Associate Partners

Countries involved: Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Georgia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden

Funded by EU Horizon Programme No 101057271

Duration: 1 September 2022 – 31 August 2026 - 48 months

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