Council Recommendations SmokeFree

EFA welcomed the European Council Recommendations on smoke free environments to Members States

Toboco Consultation

Following the adoption of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan in 2021, where tobacco was identified as a main risk to health, in 2022 EFA contributed to the European Commission evaluation of the EU tobacco control framework. We highlighted key gaps in the current laws, such as the unharmonized legislation around e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, as well as imbalances in packaging and labelling across Member States. In addition, we participated in the revision of the Council recommendation of smoke-free environments, outlining latest evidence on the effects of second-hand smoke on health, and calling for the expansion of smoke-free environments.

ENSP Conference1

We participated in the Annual ENSP Conference (July, Greece) and presented around the grave effects of smoking and second-hand smoke on respiratory health.

EFA also continued working closely with our partner the European Network for Smoking Prevention and Control (ENSP) as associate member.