On September 17th, EFA has been active on the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) 1st World Patient Safety Day. The day has been set up to create awareness for patient safety and urge people for support in making healthcare safer.

No-one should be harmed in healthcare

Around the day’s theme of “no-one should be harmed in healthcare” we shared new data coming from our European report on “Active Patients ACCESS Care”. We further published new information on diagnosis and care for asthma and COPD patients in Europe within our #ShowLeadership campaign.

New patient evidence uncovers patients’ needs

Our new report shows that 16% of asthma and COPD patients initially receive a wrong diagnosis and get correction only after 4.5 years. Further, despite treatment and care, asthma and COPD patients end up in the emergency room far too often.

At EFA we therefore call for improved access to care that works effectively and allows properly disease management. Many patients are also scared by side-effects their medication brings with it. What is needed is treatment with fewer side-effects that treats the causes, not only symptoms and self-management plan to help in everyday care and stick to your preventative medication.

More information on the 1st WHO World Patient Safety Day can be found here.