EFA Meet and Greet the EU training: Patient Involvement in EU Funded Research Projects

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Meet and Greet the EU Training: Patient Involvement in EU Funded Research Projects

14 December 13:00-17:00 CEST (Brussels)


EFA’s Meet & Greet the EU Training is the second part of a 2-part series for EFA’s capacity building project for 2021. This session is complementary to the previous Meet & Greet with the European Medicines Agency in which EFA Members learned about the regulatory processes governing medicines development and practical guidance for involvement. This session will provide EFA members with the necessary skills to participate in research projects funded by the European Union, helping to advance the field of medicine or prevention efforts related to their disease areas.

Objective: INFORM – provide meaningful input to foster skills and competencies for EFA Members and other expert respiratory disease patients interested in participating in EU funded research projects. 

Target Audience: Staff, volunteers, and members of the Board of EFA member organisations. Also open to unaffiliated patients provided they belong to patient groups active in the field of allergy and/or respiratory disease.


Time TopicObjectivesSpeakers


  • Welcome and tour de table
  • Technical guidance
  • Objectives of the meeting


  • Welcome participants to the meeting and give a brief overview of the purpose and content of the training
  • Introduce EU funded research
Valeria Ramiconi, Programme Manager, EFA

Patient Involvement in research

  • What is patient involvement and what forms does it take in research?
  • Why is patient involvement important?
  • Becoming a patient expert with EUPATI



  • Overview of benefits of research involvement
  • Inform patients of progression of PE and what to expect or propose when participating
  • Empower patients to recognise and/or facilitate meaningful PE experiences in research consortia
  • Introduce the idea of becoming a patient expert with EUPATI


  • Dominique Hamerlijnck, EUPATI Fellow, patient volunteer with Longfonds



Sharing Best Practices

Experiences from members and partners in the following research projects:



-myAirCoach & EARIP



(15 min each with 15 min Q&A)


  • Contextualise the information with a real-world example
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of involvement in different roles
  • Showcase the importance and the impact of patient involvement in advisory role in a research project


  • Breda Flood, patient expert from UBIOPRED, Asthma Society of Ireland


  • Luciano Cattani, patient expert from 3TR, Federasma


  • Danielle Roe, Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation, Patient and Public Involvement Manager (myAirCoach & EARIP)


15h15-15h30Comfort Break  

How to get involved

  • Introduction to EU funding taxonomy
  • Getting noticed by funders and project partners



  • Inform patients on the logistics of getting involved: building a strategy for future engagement
  • Introduce patients to resources available to them



  • Stephane Hogan, Head of Unit – Health Research, Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) (TBC)


  • Emilie Fonck, Horizon Europe National Contact Point for Health, Brussels
16h45-17h00Wrap up and moving forward as an EFA community
  • Give participants a succinct overview of what they learned
  • Inspire them to build a strategy for engagement and collaboration
Valeria Ramiconi, Programme Manager, EFA


14th December, 2021 1:00 PM through  5:00 PM
Virtual event on Zoom
Phone: +3222272712