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23 November 2021

People living with atopic eczema in Europe are facing difficulties, but they are not always nor equally recognised by the healthcare community. As a result, there is a persistent low regard of atopic eczema as a serious chronic disease with consequences that go beyond the health status.

EFA has set out to fill the awareness and care gaps for atopic eczema through a project that aims at building a Consensus on the burden of Atopic Eczema/Dermatitis for patients in Europe. To achieve this, EFA is facilitating the Atopic Eczema Consensus Europe committee, a group of 15 key opinion leaders in the atopic eczema community that are working to identify the challenges that patients are facing and proposing solutions for change.

The first meeting in April 2021 saw the Consensus Committee discuss the challenges faced in every aspect of patients’ lives. The ideas put forward centred around stigma, around the emotional and physical burden of atopic eczema, and around the patient journey through diagnosis and care. The Committee also explored the economic impact on patients. You can read about the first meeting here.

Final meeting and conclusions

The second, and final, meeting of the Committee took place on 4th October 2021 where the Committee members reviewed a draft consensus report, and also discussed in depth how to solve some of the challenges identified in April.

The solutions will be “translated” into recommendations with a call to action for policy makers to help realising the changes needed by the Atopic Eczema community.  With this affirmed commitment, the final aim of the project and the final Consensus will be to relieve patients and carers from their disease burden and, ultimately, improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Stay tuned for the official publications of the Atopic Eczema Consensus Report in the coming months.