Currently, young people living with allergy and asthma face many burdens unique to their age group. They are often lost between paediatric and adult care, miss out on many school days and invaluable learning, and face social isolation from their peers. That is why the Youth Parliament gather together to bring a voice to these often-silent struggles, and push for change in European policy to support young patients living with chronic disease.

In 2022, the Youth Parliament will harness their skills in public speaking and policy influence through tailored trainings that are open to other young patients from across Europe. This way they are building up the next generation of patient advocates to call for better care and treatment for young people living with chronic disease. The Young Leadership raining will be open to all young allergy and asthma patients, so stay tuned for more information!

What to learn more about the Youth Parliament? Watch their video below

If you are a young patient or scientific advisor aged 16-35, you can join the Youth Parliament by clicking this link.