Annual Report 2016

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Discipline with medicines is fundamental to successfully control chronic diseases. But when the patients are asthmatic teenagers, low adherence to treatment might hamper self-management. We asked young patients aged 12-17 directly about their asthma and treatment, and their responses are shaping the knowledge and focus about self-management.

Our multi-country analysis highlighted that forgetfulness is the most common cause impacting adherence among teenagers with asthma. However, other variables driven by attitude such as rebelling against medical advice, not taking asthma seriously or ignoring the consequences of avoiding treatment, showed that attitude is the strongest driver of adherence. Teenagers also reported not following treatment when they feel better and explained they find useful their doctors’ advice and their peers’ encouragement.

Throughout 2016, EFA presented the findings of the Health Literacy, Young Patients with Asthma and Adherence to Treatment report in key fora, asking to boost health literacy among young people to shape their attitude, develop tailored health information technologies and encourage healthcare professionals to become mentors, all to improve asthma self-management among young patients.

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