Annual Report 2017

Our year ended with a surplus of 2,334 euro. This means that the income and expenditure were responsibly balanced. We transferred project income into 2018 to match corresponding expenditure for our Atopic Eczema survey conclusion. This, as well as income for 2018 received early from some of our funders, has been included in the balance sheet of received grants for next year. Our income increased as a result of a varying project programme that delivers, our continuity and development of the activities.

I want to highlight the richness of activities on behalf people with allergy, asthma and COPD in Europe, compared to expenditure on governance which is 10.3 percent. To improve transparency, we have this year spelled out in the public income and expenditure account what governance is composed of, like we do with our internal management accounts. Staff expenditure in our core activities as an organisation also stands at 10.3 percent, which is not too high operating with a team of five staff.

My goal for the period is to support EFA in finalising our budget for next year earlier in the year, helping us to kick-off earlier the 2019 activities and balance our activity timeline throughout the year. I invite our supporters and funding partners to join me in achieving this, while I want to thank them sincerely for their support which makes EFA a strong partner, and the allergy, asthma and COPD patient brand stands out.