Annual Report 2018

I am pleased to say that our year ended with a surplus of 906 Euro, in line with the result forecasted in our budget for the year 2018.


As often is the case, the year went fast and due to a delayed start, our Active Patients Access Care survey got completed in 2018, with the results delivered in early 2019. To cover the planned cost, we deferred the funds to 2019, and we did the same to run our 2018 Meet and Greet the EU training in January 2019, an activity from our Capacity Building Project.


As a charity, we are not collecting money but dedicating it into the necessary activities to advocate change for all people with allergy and airways diseases.


In addition to our quarterly finance reports discussed at EFA board meetings, we started to present the overall balance sheet in all board meetings to strengthen the oversight of our leadership.


My goal as treasurer is to help EFA to plan and budget for the following year as early as possible, and close the accounts of the previous year early. This will also help our corporate funders planning.


Our income remained stable, enabling continuity, projects delivered as planned and overall trust. This however does not mean it is easy to get. In fact, it is tight. I therefore thank the funders sincerely as well as EFA Office for excellent management. It is my fourth year now as treasurer and a privilege to help the EFA community in the necessary financial affairs. I can see the result. This boat is worth sailing, join us to load it!