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25 October 2023
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The European Academy for Dermatology and Venerology launched October 2023 a European call to  action to drive positive change for chronic inflammatory skin diseases, including atopic eczema. EFA has participated in the drafting of this important call and in the launch event at the European Parliament

On the 9th of October, EFA actively participated in the launch of a crucial Call To Action on chronic inflammatory skin disease, including atopic eczema. The Call is led by the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology and has been endorsed by 24 organisations including EFA.

EFA, presented by the President and Director, has been part of a round of consultations leading to the final call and recommendations, which are aligned with the findings of EFA’s Atopic Eczema Consensus Report 2022.

EADV European Parliament event ‘The burden of skin disease in Europe’

The Call to Action was launched at an event at the European Parliament that counted with the active presence of five Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from S&D and EPP.


During the event, the EADV Leadership presented different perspectives and findings on the burden of skin disease in  Europe, most of them are featured in an EADV publication from October 2023 that highlights data from 27 European countries and a sample of almost 50,000 patients, the majority people living with atopic eczema.

EFA had the opportunity to enquire the MEPs about the reasons behind the lack of interest from the European Commission to include skin diseases and atopic eczema within the non-communicable diseases’ (NCDs) initiative called Healthier Together. MEPs replied that the Commission focus on this mandate had vested into cancer and offered EFA to be proactive and question the Commission priorities to bring forward the issues affecting patients with atopic eczema.

EFA will continue advocating for a strong multidisciplinary care approach and better access to diagnosis and treatment based  on the needs of patients living with atopic eczema.

Find EADV news article on the launch of the Call to action.

The full text of the Call to Action on chronic inflammatory skin disease is accessible here.