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We are deeply saddened to inform that President of RESPIRA Association, Portugal, our dear friend and colleague, Isabel Saraiva has passed away.

We have known Isabel since 2013 when RESPIRA joined EFA. Since then, she has been a cornerstone of our COPD members community. Her positivity, great sense of humor, sharp mind and dedication has played an outstanding role in improving quality of lives of patients with respiratory diseases. Isabel was a super advocate and has made a remarkable contribution to raising the Standards of Care and Prevention for COPD in Europe.

As a former Chair of the European Lung Foundation as well when serving as EFA board member Isabel was inclusive, empathetic and full of solidarity.

We would like to represent our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to RESPIRA and Isabel's family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you Isabel, you will be missed, our community will not be the same without you.

On behalf of Friends and Colleagues in EFA, 

Marcia Podesta, EFA President 

Susanna Palkonen, EFA Director