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01 May 2010

May the 4th is World Asthma Day (WAD), an international annual event to raise awareness on asthma and encourage better care for this people with asthma.

Severe Asthma is particularly serious concern: One person dies of severe asthma every6 hours in Europe. In order to inform patients, the public and healthcare professionals on severe asthma and research progress, the U-BIOPRED consortium is launching its website today! E

FA is a proud partner of the U-BIOPRED. Too few therapies are successfully developed for severe asthma and the U-BIOPRED project aims at fostering the development of targeted therapies by proving that no one is average.Our view on asthma is toosimplistic. If a therapy does not work on the average patients, but does benefit to some patients what should we do? Ignore it, and settle for the old treatment? No! Is the answer you will get from the U-BIOPRED consortium participants, working on this unparalleled project: never before have most of the major pharmaceutical companies with an interest in asthma worked together, and so closely with research and patients’ organisations.

New techniques and modeling are used extensively, in the hope of identifying which types of patients might do better with new therapies.  The better we predict the quicker new treatments can be developed. The effort is to create a handprint that contain patient reported data, clinical measurements, data from laboratory experiments, and thousands of measurements of compounds in the blood sputum, and breath of patients with severe asthma. At the end the hope is to have a new definition of severe asthma, and a new way of working together on improving the lives of people  with asthma, acknowledging that asthma is not a single disease, but vary from one patient to another.

Source: U-BIOPRED press release.

Link to U-BIOPRED website:

World Asthma Day Website: see the activities on this day for your country, or register your event: