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18 December 2019
Asthma , COPD, Allergy
- Healthcare

The Finnish EU Presidency and the Horizon 2020 scientific panel for health organised a workshop ‘Better Health and Wellbeing’ to look at success in prevention, implementing prevention research outcomes and needs for European collaborative research to support public health. Mrs Voipio-Pulkki from the Finnish Ministry of Health presented their theme, economy of wellbeing and the recent Council Conclusions on the same topic and synergies on cost-effective prevention for people and economies that make sense. The rationale of economy of wellbeing will change how we work together from research, healthcare, involvement of citizens and other policies such as employment and social rights. It is inherently linked with the Sustainable Development goals, in fact all of them and research is the driver for effective policies. Cost of ill-health is underestimated.

The workshop looked at prevention research from diverse perspectives; mental health, ageing, use and sharing of secure health data, health policy performance

There is clear evidence of success on tobacco and alcohol control policies, limiting air pollution, food and nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth and infectious diseases but some countries are doing better in implementation. This is linked among others to cultural factors and societies, level of democracy, national income, etc..

The workshop looked at health promotion and research ranging from mental health in city planning, how research can has helped in improving people’s health and wellbeing.

The proposal of the Scientific Panel for health, as outlined by the Chair, Prof Karin Sipido, is a European Council for Health Research with a task to help coordinate European research efforts and making them available for shared implementation and fostering European health research, in full synergy with the present funding agencies, the European Commission, the research community and all other stakeholders.

EFA’s Susanna Palkonen co-moderated a session with Stefan Schreck from the European Commission DG SANTE. EFA welcomes this workshop as key for promoting the need to evidence based policy making on health and prevention, after all people with allergy and respiratory diseases are like radars of the environment and depend on prevention.