15 July 2020
Asthma , COPD
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EFA is glad to announce its first Allergy and Respiratory Patient Conference, a semi-virtual event that will take place on October 23 – 24 2020. Focusing on "patient-centred care through innovation and digitalization", the two days event will give a glance on the latest innovations in research and care for allergies and airways diseases and help build capacity in the digital space.

Digitalising healthcare in Europe

Digitalization has an enormous potential to innovate disease management, treatment and care for empowering patients in Europe. It plays an important role in shifting healthcare from being disease-centred to patient-centred.

Yet, as EFA highlighted in its response to the public consultation on a European Data Strategy, digitalisation also requires putting attention towards necessary regulations, policy frameworks, access to digital tools and ownership by patients themselves.

Delivering patient-centric care through innovation and digitalization

During the Allergy and Respiratory Patients Conference, EFA therefore wants to explore the path towards digitalization for better diagnosis, care and self-management of allergies and airways diseases.

Providing us with expertise and professional knowledge, EFA has invited several experts in digitalised healthcare to explore the enormous potential of digital tools in improving healthcare services, connecting patients self-management, prevention and care. Yet also challenges in terms of regulation and access to digital means will be discussed.

With a public session taking place on the first day, the conference focuses on how ground-breaking innovations and digital tools will impact allergy, asthma and COPD patients’ lives and how they can be on the driving seat. Specific trainings for allergy and respiratory patient groups and patients on how to become a ‘digital patient group’ or an “E-Patient” will follow on the second day.

Registration to the semi-virtual Allergy and Respiratory Patient Conference will be open soon.

Transferring knowledge and capacity between EFA Members

Active since 2014, the EFA Capacity Building Program aims at transferring knowledge and capacity between Members facing limited resources, information and tools. As part of this program, each year EFA organises its Meet & Greet the EU training, a possibility to familiarize with EU institutions and EU-level patient advocacy through trainings and workshops.

More information on EFAs Capacity Building Program and Expert Patient Network can be found here.