23 September 2020

17th September is celebrated around the world as World Patient Safety Day. Organised by the World Health Organisation, the day is used to advocate for public engagement in healthcare and to enhance public safety. The overarching principle of the day is: First, do no harm.

2020 has brought recognition to the hard work of healthcare workers, who have worked tirelessly to care for people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also created huge pressure on healthcare systems around the world as the health crisis continues.

Healthcare workers cannot only be knowledgeable and skilled to handle caring during a pandemic, but also must be protected themselves as they care for patients. Healthcare workers are at huge risk of contracting coronavirus themselves, and suffer from risk, isolation and stigma.

They are also dealing with huge amounts of pressure and stress to keep the healthcare system working as we fight a pandemic.

That is why for 2020, World Patient Safety Day is a day to “Speak up for health worker safety!"

On the 17th, advocates brought to light the connection between health workers and patient’s safety, as the two go hand-in-hand.

To celebrate the day and show thanks to healthcare workers worldwide, buildings around the globe were lit up in orange, and people took to social media in true 2020 style to campaign on the day.

At EFA, we are a patient-led organisation and work with healthcare workers to support innovation and patient-centred care in health. That is why we took part to give our thanks to healthcare workers for all they have done to protect patients, especially as those with airwaves conditions are at high-risk to COVID-19.



More information about World Patient Safety day here.