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Patient Conference on Stem Cells

01 December 2005
Stem cells are thought hold the potential for new therapies. A European conference is being held in Brussels focussing, for the first time, on what patient...

The State of the Environment in Europe: New EEA report

01 December 2005
The European Environment Agency in Copenhagen have just released an enlightening  report on 'The European environment - State and outlook 2005' that provides...

EU Council reaches agreement on EU Paediatric Regulations

01 December 2005
In their 9 December 2005 meeting, European Health Ministers reached political agreement on a draft European Parliament and Council Regulation on medicinal...

Debate on EU Air Pollution

01 December 2005
A public debate on the ‘EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution’ (See: October ezine) took place in the European Council under the UK Presidency on 2...

Welcome to the December edition of the EFA ezine

01 December 2005
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas season and a happy and healthy new year 2006 from myself and everyone in the EFA Board...

EU action to tackle health inequalities

23 November 2005
UK Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt, speaking at the Tackling Health Inequalities - Governing for Health Summit in London on 17 October 2005,...

Renovated allergy and tobacco literature library re-opened

23 November 2005
- Tobacco & Smoking
EFA members FARES and Prevention des Allergies (PA) re-launched their Brussels library on allergic diseases and tobacco control, which is open to the public (For...

New reports on passive smoking

01 November 2005
On 29 March 2004, Ireland became the first country to ban smoking in indoor workplaces. The effectiveness of this major public health initiative on exposure...

New EU food labelling Directive enters into force at last!

01 November 2005
Food Allergy
- Food Safety
The new labelling rules for foodstuffs in the EU will enter into force 25 November 2005. Following a successful campaign by EFA and our members, the directive...

Conferences and events in 2006

01 November 2005
The International Alliance of Patients' Organizations (IAPO) is holding its 2nd Global Conference in Barcelona from 22-24 February 2006. The theme of the...

LHL General Assembly calls for less inequality & more health

01 November 2005
350 voting members of the EFA member Norwegian Heart and Lung Association (LHL) gathered for their 21st assembly 29-30 October in Oslo and adopted their...

Smoking ban in Spain

23 October 2005
- Tobacco & Smoking
As of 1st January 2006 a new law banning smoking at workplaces is due to come into force in Spain, which also regulates the sale, advertising and distribution...

New WHO report on chronic disease

01 October 2005
The World Health Organization has stated that in the WHO European region, chronic diseases, including respiratory diseases are projected to account for...

EU Health Policy Open Forum 2005

01 October 2005
The Health Policy Open Forum is due to take place on 7-8 November 2005. It is an annual conference and exhibition event, which aims to provide a platform...

Implementation of SCALE

01 October 2005
The EU Consultative Forum on Environment and Health met on 19 October 2005. The progress of the SCALE Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010, shared...

New clean air strategy proposed by European Commission

01 October 2005
On 21 September 2005 the European Commission proposed a long awaited and ambitious strategy to achieve further improvements in air quality across Europe....

Vote to remove hazardous chemicals from circulation

01 October 2005
A new law (a.k.a REACH) designed to remove potentially toxic substances from circulation by getting the industry to provide information on chemicals used...

World COPD Day 2005

01 October 2005
World COPD DAY is on 16 November 2005 and its theme this year is "Breathless not Helpless!"- a positive theme that emphasizes that there is help for COPD. EFA...


01 October 2005
We would like to remind you that the EFA AGM will be taking place in Prague on 10 May 2006 followed by the EFA Conference 10-12 May 2005. The focus of...

Welcome to the October edition of the EFA online newsletter!

01 October 2005
This month we have focused on several exciting new developments in environment and health policies and on WHO's new report on Chronic Disease as well as...