Indoor Air Pollution in Schools

20 July 2001
Executive Summary  1 2 3 Investigates the issues related to indoor air quality in schools. This includes, indoor air pollution and allergic disseases...

The Right to Breathe Healthy Indoor Air in Schools, 2001

01 January 2001
The results and recommendations of EFA Indoor air Pollution in Schools project are distilled in this leaflet. The full report is available from the EFA...

Respiratory Allergies: a problem affecting 80 million people

01 January 2001
Presents the aims, methodology and results of a survey Allergy - Living and Learning on quality of life in respiratory allergy and the prevalence of the...

Patients' Views and Values

04 July 2000
Contains presentations on Patients' influence on policies, their relationship with health professionals and views on prevention, as well as the creation...

Adverse Reactions to Food

20 July 1995
Food Allergy
- Food Safety
Leaflet Provides food allergy patients and the parents of food allergic children with accurate scientific information that is in agreement with the...