Annual Report 2020

EFA began developing a new communications strategy to reflect where EFA wants to be in the future in terms of representing the patient community. Through brainstorming meetings with the EFA office and Board, we identified strengths and gaps in EFA’s communications.

As 2020 was the year of online communications, EFA developed its use of digital communication tools. Our quarterly newsletter was revamped into a more user-friendly format using MailChimp. We expanded our reach on social media by increasing content quantity, especially on Facebook and LinkedIn, and used paid ads for EFA campaigns to target potential audiences with relevant interests. We increased our followers across all social media platforms, including Twitter, and maintained steady engagement.

EFA’s website was our main information channel, and we started the process of rewriting the information sections so that people visiting the website would have the latest updates from EFA. We maintained regular EFA Live blog articles to cover a wide range of EFA activities and interests, from EU policy developments to key events.

EFA also explored digital tools to keep on top of internal communications. We transitioned to Microsoft 360 in the Office to smooth cooperation while teleworking.

In 2021, EFA looks to producing a new communications strategy, as well as to continue updating the website.