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A truly European leadership

Since its early days, EFA’s leadership has been composed by individuals and organisations represented in the board, looking to grow EFA’s presence and voice at European level. In a world that was improving its sensibility on the topic of gender balance and women responsibilities, EFA has always distinguished itself from being a predominantly women-led organisation

  • 1991: Edith Rameckers was the first coordinator: steered the organisation in its first year
  • 1992-1993: Tina Funnel, the first elected president
  • 1993-1995: Hanne Langkjaer, from Astma-Allergi Forbundet, Denmark
  • 1995-2000: Kerstin Hejdenberg, Asthma och Allergi Forbundet, Sweden. She unfortunately passed away during her mandate due to disease, but fought until the very last moment for better care for patients
  • 2000-2001: Erkka Valovrita, from Allergia-ja Astmalitto, Finland, was the first male president of EFA
  • 2005-2008: Svein Erik Myrseth, fromNorwegian Heart and Lung Association
  • 2009-2012: Marianella Salapatas, from ANIKSI, Greece
  • 2012-2015: Breda Flood, from Asthma Society of Ireland
  • 2015, Christine Rolland, from Asthma and Allergies, France
  • 2016-2021: Mikaela Odemyr, from Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation
  • 2021-2023: Carla Jones, from Allergy UK
  • 2023-ongoing: our current President, Marcia Podestá, from Food Allergy Italia, steers a board that looks towards the next opportunities and challenges for EFA.