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The highest governing body of EFA is its General Assembly, composed of Members, who elect EFA Board and validate plans and reports. The EFA Board steers these plans and reports on behalf of the membership, supported by the EFA Secretariat who facilitates and organises EFA activities.

All EFA governance documents are made public. EFA publishes an annual Activity Report, including financial information. EFA has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as internal rules for its functioning and founding statutes. EFA is registered as an NGO in Sweden (no. 802402-4526) and employer in Belgium (BE0851183611).


EFA is an independent non-profit organisation operating under the principles of openness and transparency. Our accounts are audited annually by an independent auditor and we disclose all forms of funding, to ensure accountability to public authorities, sponsors, and partners.

EFA has a sustainable partnership with industry to ensure its integrity when receiving funding from corporate sources.

EFA is signed up to the EU Transparency register (no. 28473847513-94).

For more information about EFA, please consult our brochure and our latest annual report.