• Susanna 743x1024Carla JonesPresident
  • Susanna 743x1024Marcia PodestaVice-President
  • Susanna 743x1024Yvonne SpiesTreasurer
  • Susanna 743x1024Fríða Rún ÞórðardóttirSecretary
  • Susanna 743x1024Armando RuizBoard Member

The EFA Board met online 14 times throughout the year in short and effective meetings to steer our work. Together, they worked on developing strong guiding statutes for EFA as a Belgian organisation and approved a new financial mandates policy.

At our Annual General Meeting, EFA said farewell to our beloved president Mikaela Odemyr from the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, and the amazingly committed Erna Botjes, vice president from the Dutch Food Allergy organisation. Both had sat on the board for their maximum mandate of 6 years, first as board members for one year, and then in their outgoing positions. The EFA community is proud of their leadership which has resulted in a strategic shift in EFA partnerships, building in our projects and supporting consistent policy influence at the European level for patients with allergy, asthma and COPD. EFA is delighted that both remain close, Mikaela as the Chair of the ELF Patient Advisory Committee and Erna in EMA Patient and Consumer Party, both representing EFA.

Carla Jones, EFA Treasurer from Allergy UK was elected in 2021 as our new President, joined by Marcia Podestà Food Allergy Italy, who moved from EFA Secretary to EFA Vice-President. They were joined by three new board members, bringing fresh ideas and new expertise for a strong representative board. Yvonne Spies, a psychologist by training and with an interest in prevention, comes from the Dutch Lung Foundation where she is the Head of Programmes and Impact.  Armando Ruiz, first educated as a Veterinarian, is from FENAER in Spain and is keen to explore digital solutions and patient centered innovation. Frida Run Thordardottir, dietician, from the Icelandic Asthma and Allergy Association is a strong voice in patient education and air quality. The board elected Yvonne as Treasurer and Frida as Secretary of Board. The new board also took specific roles, especially in following the Breathe Coalition and the European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma projects.