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01 January 2005

In 2005 EFA completed its project on “Learning to Live with Asthma” aimed at answering important questions for asthma patients about coping with asthma-related problems.

The main questions included:

-Do you understand your doctor?

-Do you have enough support?

-What is it like living with asthma at home? -How can you best cope with asthma at work?

-What are the issues when traveling with asthma? -How can you enjoy sports with asthma? -How do you cope with asthma when under pressure?

-How does being pregnant affect asthma?

This project examined how experienced, well-controlled asthmatics can help newly-diagnosed asthmatics (NDAs) cope with asthma in daily life, using key messages with non-medical content. 

This patient support project aimed to provide a better understanding of day-to-day life with asthma and to promote cooperation and communication between doctors, nurses and patients. The project ‘kit’ is comprised of a series of eight short films on DVD (5 minutes each) plus brochures for each focus group (doctors, patient organisations, experienced asthmatics and NDAs) with instructions and a summary of content. Excellent asthma therapy requires more than just good medical care and effective drugs. It is the perfect combination of medical care, up-to-date information about the illness and a supportive environment which allows day-to-day life with asthma to become a routine.  The information and practical tips provided by a peer support group, as demonstrated in the project ‘kit’ can help NDAs cope better with their new situation. 

If you are interested in exchanging your experiences with other asthmatics please ask your doctor or contact your local EFA Organisation.