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01 January 2011

EFA is delighted to be a partner in the MeDALL project – Mechanisms of the Development of Allergy – a large new research project that will investigate the causes of allergy

MeDALL is funded by the EU Research Programme, the FP7. The project results should help to provide better answers as to why and how allergy develops, and to design, clarify and target prevention opportunities and innovation in treatment. Allergy often starts in childhood and it is children who are the focus of MeDALL.

Information from previous birth cohorts, including 42,000 children in Europe, will be looked at, and 18,000 re-examined using similar methods. MeDALL’s five year programme was kick-started on the 24th of January in Barcelona by the first MeDALL Scientific Seminar summarizing what we currently know about different types of allergy/allergic diseases (IgE phenotypes) and what the gaps in knowledge are. On the second and third day of the meeting the different work streams were organized. EFA’s role in the project will be communication, dissemination and offering a patient perspective.

There will be a fact sheet summary on any significant scientific paper drawn up by MeDALL, directed to lay-audiences. EFA will keep its members informed throughout the project and it is foreseen that training for patient representatives will be organized duringit.

EFA will also help MeDALL to contribute to EU policy. I would like to thank Professor Jean Bousquet, the coordinator of MeDALL for taking on this crucial topic – why, how and what can we do? Per-Åke Wecksell, EFA Board Secretary and Board Lead.

For MeDALL Project More information: EFA Press Release; Article on EC website; EFA Presentation; MeDALL Brochure