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As announced in our June eZine the Workshop on integrating environment and health towards better health in the Open Health Forum, coordinated by EFA and HEAL was the occasion for the participants to debate and highlight the needs for action in this field. The following recommendations arose from the workshop; The first recommendation is to support a second EU action plan on health and environment, accompanied by adequate resources. The workshop highlighted the important contribution of the first plan as well as the first Community Strategy on Environment and Health SCALE in tackling the environmental burden of diseases. The second recommendation is to have greater synergies with the WHO Parma Declarationon improving Children’s Health in which member states committed on environment and health issues, such improving indoor and outdoor air quality. Increasing participation of Health Community and youth at each level (local, national, EU) for policy making and implementation is also of first importance. Many opportunities for participation were identified during the workshop such as the discussion on a second EU Action Plan on Environment and Health, or ongoing revisions and implementation of key EU environmental legislation and strategies such as the EU Air Quality Directive. Finally, the workshop recommended ensuring that research in the field of environment and health, in which the European Commission is investing resources since the Sixth EU Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, is translated into action. Workshop policy Recommendation. Press release: NGOs urge Commission to come forward with a second EU Environment and Health Action Plan