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The EU Health Forum is a consultation and information mechanism, which aims at making sure that the European Union Health Policy corresponds to the concern of the public. It is composed of two complementary parts, the Health Policy Forum, a group of NGOs which meet regularly in Brussels, and the Open Forum, a platform for general exchange of information and discussion with a broader range of stakeholders (health professionals' organisations, patient groups, public health NGOs and service providers and funders). This Year’s Open Forum will take place on 29th and 30th of June. It will focus on integrating health in all EU policies. EFA is in the Steering Group for this event and is coordinating a workshop on Health and Environment: Integrating Health and Environment Policy towards better health, supported by the Health and Environment Alliance. The objective of this workshop is to discuss how the Commission should integrate health in EU environmental policies, and how the stakeholders can participate, as well as why it makes sense to “marry” environment and health. Other workshops will deal with the place of health in the EU Cohesion policy, in the Agriculture and Food policies, and in the EU policy impact assessments. Innovation for Health and the role of stakeholders in the implementation of “health in all policies” will also be discussed through workshops. Source: EU Public Health portal. To sign up: Click here.