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01 May 2006

World Asthma Day on 2 May was celebrated in Kaunas, by a conference “Living with Asthma“  directed at nurses from across the country, tackling both children's and adult asthma symptoms, and issues such as: diagnosis, treatments, psychological issues, quality of life, sports, smoking, and rehabilitation. Additionally there was a practical seminar about using asthma drugs and devices. To promote awareness of World Asthma Day amongst the general public, children and adult pulmonologists and nurses from Kaunas University Hospital flew big, colourful balloons with words 'World Asthma Day' in front of three largest Kaunas supermarkets Additionally, the Lithuanian Association of Allergic Children Clubs is organizing its Sixth Annual Conference; A Celebration of World Asthma Day and World Allergy Day for Children  on 28 May in Kedainiai. The event is hoped to attract 400-500 allergic children and their parents.