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This month we have focused on several exciting new developments in environment and health policies and on WHO's new report on Chronic Disease as well as many other features that we hope you will find of interest. Last week, EFA presented European Member of Parliament Liz Lynne with our 'Fighting for Breath' report on European patients with Severe Asthma. As an asthma sufferer herself, Liz Lynne graciously accepted the report and you can find a full article and a photograph of EFA President Svein-Erik Myrseth presenting the report at: This month we also received a copy of the 'Allergy Free Passport - Let's Eat Out!' - a practical manual for managing food allergies successfully and dining out without too much hassle. AllergyFree Passport is a media company dedicated to empowering individuals with food allergies and specialized diets to safely eat out, travel and explore the world. While EFA has not reviewed the manual or endorsed it formally, we are delighted that Allergy Free Passport have very kindly agreed to send a copy of the guide to each of our members. We look forward to hearing your views and reviews of the guide! Please do not hesitate to mail us your latest news and we would be happy to include it in our monthly newsletter. Best wishes from the EFA Central Office and Board.