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23 October 2005
- Tobacco & Smoking
As of 1st January 2006 a new law banning smoking at workplaces is due to come into force in Spain, which also regulates the sale, advertising and distribution of tobacco products. The sale of tobacco to minors (i.e. under 18) will be forbidden, as will smoking and the sale of tobacco products in public buildings and administrative buildings including adjoining buildings, medical and health facilities, schools, educational and cultural facilities and in sports facilities. Smoking will be permitted in theatres, airports and bus stations in specific smoking areas. Bars and restaurants will be permitted to create smoking areas, if these are clearly indicated and separated, only if the area is greater than 100m². The proposal is due to be presented to the Senate for final approval in November 2005 and when the ban comes into force, EFA will expect to see a decrease in tobacco related illnesses in Spain! Spain will be joining a number of other European countries such as Norway, Sweden and Ireland with a full or partial ban on smoking indoors. Source: El Mundo newspaper 05-10-05 via ENSP