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12 October 2018
EU, United Kingdom
Other Diseases
- Healthcare

At a sensitive time when hardly any progress is made between the UK Government and the EU on Brexit, 20 EU health organisations who wish to draw attention to the implications of Brexit for healthcare across the European continent organised on September 27 an event entitled  “Brexit: the European Parliament’s role in prioritising patients, public health and health security across Europe”.

Irrespective of whether the negotiations on Brexit will result in an agreement or ‘no deal’, it is clear that European patients’ health should not suffer from the decision. The event drew attention to the fact that, thus far, hardly any progress has been made on Brexit talks affecting patients and EU public health. The panel raised its concerns about the current situation and called upon members of the European Parliament to strike the best deal for patients and public health across Europe.

The press release around the event can be found here.