19 November 2018
EU, Spain
Asthma , COPD, Other Diseases
- Tobacco & Smoking

In November, EFA Spanish Member FENAER launched an ambitious plan to improve diagnosis and reduce COPD deaths in Spain. The organisation has been presenting the plan to several local health ministries that hold the competency of health in the country. The plan reminds that around 70% of the people living with EPOC are not diagnosed, and proposes measures to tackle this reality. The first, is to cut tobacco consumption with targeted and resourced plans tobacco control plans, to allow respiratory patients quit with the support they need. The second, reimburse and enable regular spirometry for patients at risk. The third and not least important, to enable spirometry test in primary care settings, and this through trained professionals to do it well, as currently the “ambulatorios” are lacking specialised nurses and personnel to do it.

More about FENAER plan can be found in their website.