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19 November 2018
Asthma , COPD, Allergy, Other Diseases
- Air Quality

In October 17-18, EFA Director of Policy and Strategy Isabel Proaño participated in the Annual General Assembly of the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) to share best practices and move forward. EFA was one of the organisations who presented about health and environment achievements, where we took stock from the one of our pillar advocacy calls since our creation in the 1996: the need for a safe environment, also indoors!

During the AGA, we did not only approved HEAL plans and budgets for the next year but also had the chance to discuss the future of our working environment, in light of the European Elections in 2019. It was especially interesting to hear about the future research hooks that could look into health and environment, and the available science today that could lead to policy improvements. At another level, we especially appreciated to learn from the different local initiatives to measure air quality, actions led by people, patients and activists.

HEAL has over 70 member organisations, representing health professionals, not-for-profit health insurers, doctors, nurses, cancer and asthma groups, citizens, women’s groups, youth groups, environmental NGOs, scientists and public health institutes. Members include international and Europe-wide organisations, as well as national and local groups. EFA is a full member and currently sits in HEAL Executive Committee.

To learn more, visit HEAL website.