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19 November 2018
Allergy, Food Allergy
- Food Safety

On 18th October 2018 took place an International Symposium on Food Allergens: regulation, management and detection. The symposium was set in Brussels and organised by the CER Groupe, a research centre in the fields of virology, hormonology and the promotion of the rural economy and ILVO, the Flemish Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

We have been invited to the symposium to present the patient’s perspective, namely how better labelling can empower patients with food allergy.  

The symposium was divided into three sessions, the first one including EFA’s patient’s perspective presentation, the consumer perspective and a presentation on the provision of information on food allergens in the EU legislation, held by the European Commission.

The second part of the symposium dealt with enforcement and presentations were held by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain and testimonies from two industry representatives.

The final part of the symposium dealt with analytical methods and included presentations from the Joint Research Centre, which is the European Commission's science and knowledge service, as well as presentations from the Institute of Sciences of Food Production ( ISPA – CNR ), ILVO and CER Groupe.

To have more details on the Symposium’s agenda click here.