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While around 30 million Europeans live with asthma, up to 10% suffer of a severe form. The health community is analysing why this proportion of patients do not respond to usual asthma treatments. The objective is to develop medicines that allow patients control their asthma, reduce the symptoms and have a better quality of life. 

Increasing the visibility of severe asthma

In World Asthma Day 2018, the European Federation of Allergies and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations (EFA) launched Severely, ASTHMA! a video series portraying six real severe asthma patients and their families throughout Europe, each bringing a unique insight on diagnosis, care, social and family life, being young with asthma, participating in research and living with air pollution. Their personal stories are universal in the world of asthma. They have adapted their lives and their stories echo the difficulties in getting the diagnosis and care that empower them. They are an example of resilience and through their videos they address themselves directly to other patients.

With this project we hope to have shed light into the daily impact severity asthma, to increase the awareness among patients that might still lack an accurate diagnosis, and to stress the pressing need to propose all patients with the right solution to their disease as early as possible.

Thanks to Peter, Nadia, Anne, Breda, Pontus and Mikaela for sharing your experience!


Severely asthma Nadia

Severely asthma Anne

Severely asthma Breda
Severely asthma Pontus Severely asthma Mikaela