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17 July 2019
EU, Croatia, Estonia, Finland
Asthma , COPD, Allergy, Food Allergy, Other Diseases
- Healthcare

From late June, first health records of patients are exchanged in the EU thanks to the cross-border electronic health services. As of now, doctors in Luxembourg will be able to receive digital patient summaries of travellers coming from the Czech Republic.

Patient Summaries digital accessible in case of medical emergency

Patient Summaries provide background information on important health-related aspects such as allergies, current medication, previous illness etc. As being digitally accessible it supports doctors and health care professionals in case of a medical emergency visit in another country.

Finland extends ePrescription framework

Furthermore, after having set up a framework with Estonia, Finland has started exchanging ePrescriptions also with Croatia: Finnish citizens can now retrieve in Croatian pharmacies the medicines prescribed electronically by their doctor in Finland.

“My health @ European Union” – Full start expected in 2022

The eHealth digital service infrastructure connecting the eHealth national series, allows to exchange health data among countries. For now, 22 member states take part and are expected to fully exchange ePrescriptions and patient summaries by 2020, while seven member states are progressively launching these exchanges from late 2019.