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19 September 2019
- Healthcare, - Medicines

Despite great advances in research, unfortunately, there is still no cure for asthma. The CURE project, funded by the EU, is looking at possible innovative solutions, such as bacteriophages, a type of virus that infect bacteria.

Project-midpoint reached: already good results

The project has reached its midpoint and already shows good results: The recruitment of patients is completed and over 1000 samples for analysis could be collected already. At the same time, researchers advanced in regards to the immune response to phages and also the mathematical team are evolving fast on the modelling.

Project-related updates and the next steps have been shared among consortium partners in Syros, Greece between September 14th and 16th.

CURE project to be presented in external events

The CURE project will also be presented in relevant external events, such as the ERS Congress in Madrid (28th September to 2nd October), the Research and Innovation days organised by the European Commission on September 24th to 26th in Brussels and the Microbes and their Viruses Conference hosted by CURE partner ELIAVA in Georgia on September 22nd to 27th.

The next CURE newsletter will be published soon. More information on the CURE project can be found here.