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18 December 2019
Asthma , COPD, Allergy

The European Commission produced a follow-up document to the EP non-legislative resolution on ‘’A Europe that Protects: Clean Air for All’’, adopted in March. Among others, the resolution made special reference to indoor air pollution, underlining that indoors, air can sometimes be significantly more polluted than outdoors.

In its response to the points on indoor air pollution, the Commission reiterated the importance of better performing buildings in providing higher comfort levels and wellbeing for their occupants and in improving their health.

The methodologies, developed by the Member States, for calculating the energy performance of buildings, including for Energy Performance Certificates, shall consider indoor climatic conditions. Meanwhile, the Commission recognises that tobacco smoke and emissions of tobacco-related products are important source of air pollution. It referred back to the Council recommendations on Smoke-Free Environments (2009), and the subsequent Implementation Report of the Commission (2013).