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17 December 2020
PREVENT, - Chemicals

Danish EFA Member Asthma-Allergy Denmark is raising awareness around the use of perfumed hand sanitisers made available for people upon entry into shops and restaurants. Perfumed hand sanitisers can create discomfort for people with allergies, while increased use creates the risk of others developing lifelong allergies.

Hand sanitiser is equally effective whether perfumed or not perfumed, but as people are increasing their use of hand sanitiser during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are more at risk of developing or aggravating allergies if they opt for perfumed hand sanitiser.

It is difficult for people with allergies to know if they hand sanitiser provided by shops and restaurants contained perfume or not, exposing them to the risk of an allergic reaction. On the other hand, by choosing to use their own personal supply of hand sanitiser, many feel judged if they use it in private before entering a public place.

Therefore, Allergy-Asthma Denmark recommends the use of non-perfumed hand sanitiser in shops and restaurants.

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