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16 March 2021

In the past years, EFA has been vocal in advocating change for all people living with atopic eczema in Europe. One of our most relevant contributions has been the biggest-ever Quality of Life survey on severe atopic eczema, published in 2017, a patient reported outcome measurement that surveyed almost 2,000 patients from 9 European countries. The resulting report “Itching for Life” was a breakthrough piece that sheds light into the life and economic costs encountered by atopic eczema patients.

Despite growing awareness and advancement around skin conditions, the burden atopic eczema patients endure each day continues. It implies pain, isolation and economic costs that result from the  gap in consensus around multidisciplinary care approaches that could address the impacts patients face in Europe. Awareness around these issues is currently only acknowledged among the atopic eczema community.

The lack of a strong consensus on atopic eczema care in Europe from the healthcare community leads to a persisting approach to give low priority to atopic eczema as a serious chronic disease. At EFA we seek to change this situation.

In 2021, EFA is running a project to fill the awareness gap and develop a Consensus among the burden of Atopic Eczema/Dermatitis for Patients. Such an endeavour will consist in gathering 15 key opinion leaders from the atopic eczema community (patients, patients’ representatives and healthcare professionals) to discuss and build common ground on the social burden caused by Atopic Eczema and how it impacts the quality of life of patients.

The result of this project will be a report that will serve as a key, regional, advocacy tool for the community patients and healthcare professionals, and stakeholders, to develop the voice and joint position to change patients’ access to quality of care based on the real burden of atopic eczema.

Call for Tender

EFA is looking for an external and impartial agency with solid experience in the facilitation of scientific committees/steering committees to help organise and facilitate efficient and interactive Committee meetings during the year, to ensure that a Consensus is reached.

The meetings will take place online in April and October 2021 (exact dates to be confirmed). Full description in the Call for Tender form.

Organisations interested in applying should do it by March 29th 2021.

For more information, please contact EFA Programme Manager Valeria Ramiconi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)