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01 April 2021
- Air Quality

The World Health Organisation is expected to publish the update of the Global Air Quality Guidelines in June, a key document encapsulating the latest scientific evidence on the effects air pollution has on health. The publication will mark the end of a 5-year process of reviewing the latest data and developing the most up-to-date scientific advice to address air pollution. Although they are not mandatory, the revised Guidelines can support regulatory decisions globally and benchmark national and regional policies to tackle air pollution.

EFA has participated in the External Review Group providing comments to the draft guidelines, bringing the allergy and airways diseases patients views to them. In this capacity, we congratulated WHO for maintaining the ambition and holistic approach in addressing air quality, including the ever-higher visibility of indoor air quality. We highlighted the importance of taking mortality and morbidity equally into account, and that exposure even at low levels can be harmful for respiratory health.

We encouraged WHO to harness its authority also in the implementation and communication of the new guidelines. As public awareness is of utmost importance, EFA is ready to support WHO in its crucial work to promote and disseminate the updated guidelines among our community of allergy and chronic respiratory patients.

The current Global Air Quality Guidelines are accessible here.