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30 June 2021

The Netherlands has granted a one-year extension of the paramedical recovery care scheme for people with long-term corona complaints (Long Covid). In practice, it means that until 1st August 2022, patients would be able to receive recovery care on top of the basic care package, including physiotherapy, remedial therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, and speech therapy.

The arrangement was originally decided in July 2020, after the requests of Longfonds and Long Alliantie Nederland. The organisations based their claim on the health and signals from people with long Covid. Longfonds has worked hard in the past year to adjust the basic care scheme so that it best meets the needs of this new patient group.

“We believe that this group of people with long-term Covid should continue to be helped with good recovery care. With the extension of the scheme, the second and third wave of corona patients can also use recovery care and they will not fall between two stools," says Longfonds director Michael Rutgers.

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