29 September 2021
Asthma , COPD
- Digital Health

In the current digital revolution, digital tools are increasingly popular to improve healthcare access and the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. EFA wanted to learn from asthma and COPD patients about their digital journey in healthcare and their thoughts on this phenomenon. We surveyed them on how digitalisation has influenced their access to healthcare services, and how this has had an impact on the diagnosis and management of their conditions.

Over the summer, the first stage of the project was launched as EFA conducted a survey with 975 asthma and COPD patients across 5 European countries (Spain, Norway, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium).

The final DIGIT report will be launched by the end of this year. The analysis and recommendations from the report will integrate the results from the survey, to form the basis of a tool for patients and other stakeholders and achieve better access to health. This tool will be used to raise awareness on respiratory patients’ needs and views on digitalisation in healthcare. Stay tuned!

In parallel, EFA will also issue a Charter for Digital Asthma and COPD Care to identify the key principles for developing, running and using digital tools for asthma and COPD from the patients’ perspective.

You can find more information on DIGIT and EFA activities on digitalisation on our website.