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30 September 2021

EFA’s capacity building projects have strengthened organisational, advocacy, and communication skills in its members for over seven years. Each training is catered to the specific needs of our national patient associations to help them amplify their own work at the national level, and vary on the topic and participation depending on the context. In 2021, EFA is offering several capacity building projects including a leadership training for the Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament, a Meet & Greet with the European Medicines Agency and several personalised trainings to members targeting their direct needs.

For the personalised, or targeted trainings, EFA has selected four organisations: the French Allergy Prevention Association (AFPRAL), COPD Support Ireland, the Spanish Association for People with Food and Latex Allergy (AEPNAA) and the Spanish Federation of Respiratory Diseases’ Associations (FENAER). These organisations were chosen based on their current needs and experience with the capacity building project.

After selection, EFA holds one-on-one calls with each organisation to identify their unique needs. From these meetings, EFA locates suitable organisations or agencies to lead the trainings, aiming for trainers within Members’ own countries to increase the efficacy, expertise and relevance of the trainings. Once the right trainers are identified, they take part in a co-creative process with the member(s) to finalise the scope and format of the trainings. Targeted trainings are conducted in the Members’ national language.

The members received trainings on:

  • AFPRAL has successfully completed two training sessions, supported by a French communications firm, to deepen their understanding of communication skills, including strategic marketing and communications.
  • COPD Support Ireland will undertake two trainings to better refine their communication and fundraising strategies.
  • AEPNAA and FENAER will participate in two joint trainings in Spanish to build more effective advocacy campaigns. Their trainings will guide them through adapting the right level for engagement within the Spanish health sector and governance and harnessing stakeholder engagement.

Reports on the targeted training will be made available in the 2021 Annual Report. Check out last year’s report to learn more about the capacity building project.

Stay tuned for new capacity building opportunities in 2022.

Interested in developing your patient organisation’s skills but not an EFA Member? Email EFA Projects and Engagement Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start the process today!