01 December 2021

EFA is proud to announce our next online training event, Meet & Greet the EU: Patient Involvement in EU Funded Projects, which will take place on 14 December from 13-17:00 CET.

This event is part of a two-part series for EFA’s Capacity Building Project 2021. By joining the session, patient advocates and organisations will learn about research projects funded by the European Union and how to take part on them, to help advance the field of medicine or prevention efforts related to allergy and respiratory disease. The EU is a major health research funder, and funds large research consortia across countries.

While in the latest years we have witnessed an increase in research funding bodies requiring project proposals to involve patients and their organisations as project partners, their participation is not always effective, meaningful, and successful. 

Through the training session, EFA members and other patient advocates will have a clearer picture of the landscape of patient involvement, highlighting the importance of their participation, strategies for successful partnerships, as well as practical steps to get involved. By empowering patients and their organisations with the knowledge and resources to participate, it will foster more patient-centred projects and project outcomes. 

EFA is delighted to announce two confirmed speakers who will join us: Emilie Fonck, Horizon Europe National Contact Point for Health and Enterprise and Dominique Hamerlijnck, EUPATI Fellow, Patient Volunteer with Longfonds. 

The event is open to staff, volunteers, membersand members of the board of EFA member organisations and the wider European allergy and respiratory patient community. It is also open to unaffiliated patients provided they belong to patient groups active in the field of allergy and/or respiratory disease.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event, as increased participation of patients in EU funded research projects means improved patient-centred projects and outcomes, with meaningful and resourced participation.

You can register through this link.

This training session complements our previous Meet & Greet in 2021 which focused on patient involvement with the European Medicines Agency, in which EFA Members learned about the regulatory processes governing medicines development and how patients and patient organisations could engage in that process.